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Graphics and the Bible

  •  Have you ever wondered what “Shechem” looks like,  or what the Jordan River looks like at the Abel-Shittim crossing?  Here’s the site for you.
  •  This is a scholarly clip art site.  This site has pictures from scholarly dictionaries and lexica on subjects related to the Bible and antiquity.  It also has a great artwork collection related to the Bible.
  • New Testament Art Index,
  • Old Testament Art Index.  These sites collect artwork representing various Biblical passages and organize each passage’s artwort by date of painting.

Maps and Timelines for the Bible

Creative Bible Teaching Tools

  •  Are you teaching the Bible and wish you had a movie clip to illustrate your point.  Check this website out.
  •   This is from the Textweek site mentioned above.  It is a movie index of illustrations for ideas in the Bible.
  •  How Christianity and Pop Culture relate.  This site offers ways of using elements of contemporary culture as a springboard to interact with other worldviews particularly postmoderns.
  •  This is a Christian website with ideas and issues from contemporary culture.  There is good discussion of how these relate to a Christian worldview.

Specialty Study Pages for Greek and Hebrew

  • For the Liddell,  Scott and Jones (LSJ),  Greek Lexicon,  Bryan student Stephen Hill found the following Classical Greek search tool.  Diogenes.
  •  This is a page with the Greek text from one of the most important manuscripts in the world.
  •  Listen to the Greek New Testament read aloud in MP3 format.
  •  Listen to the Hebrew Bible read aloud in MP3 format.
  • Hebrew Language Specialty Tools.  This site has a collection of all the websites related to the study of the Hebrew text.
  • Full text of BHS from the German Bible Society.
  • Nestle-Aland 28 from the German Bible Society.
  • UBS 5 from the German Bible Society.
  • The London Codex.  This is the actual facsimile version of the London Codex.  It was copied about 820-850 AD.
  • The Aleppo Codex.  This is the actual facsimile version of the Aleppo Codex.  Scroll down to input the reference.  The consonants were copied about 920 AD.
  • The Leningrad Codex.  This is the actual facsimile version of the Leningrad Codex copied in 1008 AD.  This is the source of most printed Hebrew Bibles including,  BHS,  BHL,  and the Quinta (BHQ,  which has the OT equivalent of Metzger’s Textual Commentary).  The linked text here is black and white.  Bibleworks 10.0 comes which a color version!

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